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Quality Stamped Concrete Sealers utilized for our

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There are many sealers on the market, with a variety of marketing methods that result in people making the purchase, at the paint store, big dept stores etc. Again, we utilize a food analogy to drive home the major difference between them and us. You can eat french fries or a quality mix of raw food. Both will fill you up. One is good and one is not! Overtime, you can get sick, start looking different and may need some special attention. We utilize only quality concrete sealers! Please see below:

Stamped & Decorative Concrete Sealers (400A) will not produce bubbles associated with fast evaporating solvents commonly used in low-VOC sealers, and is formulated with a proprietary resin that develops high gloss and provides superior chemical resistance. The Stamped & Decorative Concrete Sealer 400A film will not yellow under any UV conditions, virtually eliminates cobwebbing during application, and is extremely durable. Stamped & Decorative Concrete Sealer 400A is a solvent-based product which meets the low-VOC requirements of the OTC, LADCO, Canada, and others.

Syliconized Acryilic Sealers (CC) -  coats concrete with a chemically bonded siliconized acrylic film that deepens the color and enhances the look of pigmented or decorative concrete.  Completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure. It is extremely abrasion resistant and keeps its high gloss finish much longer than standard concrete sealers. Syliconized Sealers  will retard efflorescence while resisting oil, grease and food stains. Syliconized Sealers eliminates concrete dusting, while protecting concrete against salt and water penetration.

Pure Acrylic Sealers (PS) - A Pure Acrylic Concrete Cure and Seal a high solids, high performance concrete curing & sealing compound. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure, creating a glossy membrane which remains clear throughout its service life.

Specialized formulated sealer PS (EZ) is a specialized concrete curing and sealing compound formulated to have unique bubble resistant qualities. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation resists bubble formation, stringing, cobwebbing and fast solvent evaporation commonly associated with low-VOC sealers exposed to high temperatures, air movement and sunlight during applicaton.

(EZ)  completely resists discoloration from UV exposure, creating a glossy membrane which remains clear throughout its service life. (EZ) is a solvent based product which meets the VOC requirements of Canada and those US states restricted to <350 g/L VOC's.

 Concrete Sealer - (TZ) A non cure and seal, is a film forming sealer for concrete and masonry. The non cure and seal sealer is formulated with methyl methacrylate polymers that develop high gloss and are more chemical resistant than standard acrylic sealers.

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