Bristol County Sealing Company

Quality Concrete Sealers and Preparation are the key to keeping you concrete pool deck - patio - driveway or Walkway Looking new!

Cleanening, treating and sealing by the stamped concrete professionals, will keep your project  looking new year after year.

We educate our customers throughout the process to ensure they know how to properly care for the hardscapes, by using the right product at the right time. Placing sealer over sealer is problematic and will be costly to rectify down the road. Do it right the first time, Contact Bristol County Sealing Company!

Stamped concrete Application with a quality stamped or exposed aggregate concrete sealer applied properly on a clean surface.

At Bristol County Sealing Company, we only use the best  eco-friendly cleaning and sealer products on our customers stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and conventional concrete pool patio decks, driveways and walkways, as evidenced below. Contact us for a free estimate. call or email us now and save big. (888) 783-7192

Stamped Concrete PAtio & Walkway - Moisture trapped beneath stamped concrete

                                     Before                                                                           After


Stamped Concrete Sealing

Excessive -Wrong type of sealer applied in both of the photos below


Sealer-Substandard Application Process of stamped concrete sealers applied

Most of the concrete sealer issues or problems are a result of inexperience, which leads to the purchase of the wrong type of sealer and or the wrong type of applicators and inexperience in the application process.

We know  quality stamped & exposed aggregate concrete sealers and who uses inexpensive sealer  products, for their best interest only, not yours. For do-it-your-selfers - when the outcome is unsatisfactory, the customers inexperience is always to blame, and sometimes it is the cause. The industry has changed significantly, resulting in a lot more challenges associated with cleaning, treating (if applicable) and sealing your stamped concrete project. Don't waste your time or your money. Do it right the first time! Contact the concrete sealing professionals. Email or call now and save! (888) 783-7192

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