Exposed Aggregate Cleaning

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Exposed Aggregate must be cleaned on a regular basis, more so that stamped concrete or conventional concrete. The concrete with the exposed aggregate is more porous in nature, due to the actually installation process of the exposed aggregate. The top portion of the concrete is washed off upon installation, in order to expose the aggregate, thereby getting it's name, "Exposed Aggregate". Because this is the case, sealing on a regular basis, every two-three years is extremely important. Before sealing, a good cleaning is imperative, prior to sealing, ensuring that the sealer bonds properly, ensuring future rain, pool water from penetrating into the concrete, between the stones and the concrete is minimized. Otherwise, the stones will eventually become loose, due to the water erosion of the concrete, around the stones, that hold the stones in place. Once the surface integrity is compromised, due to lack of protection, the stones will break loose, end up in the surrounding grass area and inside the pool. The appearance becomes a major eye sore for homeowners and visitors alike.

Stamped Concrete Cleaning

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Stamped Concrete must be cleaned properly, allowed to dry, Once the stamped concrete cleaning has been completed and allowed to dry, then a quality stamped concrete sealer can be applied. The application process is as equally important, to ensure sealer failure does not result due to a substandard application process. Otherwise, some of the following can occur: Haziness, milky, cloudy looking appearance, de-lamination, blistering or the sealer can just peel off from your stamped concrete surface.

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