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Graffiti Removal From Bricks or a concrete surface -

Dustless Blasting

This method is perhaps the cleanest way of removing the paint or rust from concrete, bricks, wood or Metal.

Paint Removal From Bricks, Wood or Metal or Concrete Surface -

Soda Blasting Method

This method is known for creating problems with the soil chemistry and damaging lawns, plants and other living organisms

Concrete Sealer & Graffiti remover in Massachusetts & Rhode Island-Video

Dustless Blaster also removes Rust, Paint and a variety of other coatings

We are capable of removing many different types of coating, such as; Paint, Rust and Acrylic sealers from concrete, brick, stonework and wood. For a free estimate, please contact us via email or call us at (800) 783-7192,

Stamped Concrete Sealer Removal

Sandblasting - sealer Removal process - Dustless Blasting


                          pool decks -patio decks-Driveways and walkways

Majority of the sealer issues or problems with stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and conventional concretepool decks, patios, driveways and walkways are a result of substandard sealers (wrong type) being used and substandard cleaning and application procedures. Fixing, restoring the stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or conventional concrete appearance is NOT possible. Do you due diligence! We run across many folks who went to the big department store, confided in the person, took what they said for Gospel, only to create an un-doable disaster! They seal product and we clean and seal stamped concrete, conventional concrete and exposed aggregate concrete pool patios, driveways, walkways and pool decks. Our customers call us back every 2-3 years.

The biggest concern with decorative-stamped concrete is the sealer build up. Just like when we were in school, the janitors stripped the floors, end of year before applying more wax. We don't need to strip the concrete sealer if we handle from day one-before someone creates the disaster. We utilize a gloss restorer specifically designed to restore the shine, where a quality stamped concrete acrylic sealer still exists. Don't clown around. Call or email us now for a free estimate!

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