Cleaning and sealing exposed aggregate is a must. See some photos below!


Upon installation of an exposed aggregate pool deck, patio, driveway or walkway, the surface of the concrete is removed in the process, in order to expose the aggregate, compromising the surface integrity, by making the concrete around the aggregate stone more porous, than the traditional-conventional concrete we know of and see every day.

Upon the installation of the exposed aggregate, very seldom will contractors utilize a cure and seal type sealer. Although, that sealer protection is short lived, (its purpose is to allow concrete to cure - 28 days under normal conditions) it does provide some protection.


Additionally, the contractors seldom recommend future sealing to the customer-homeowner, as they consider there job is done and thus the problem lies.


As with most areas in our lives, regular maintenance should be conducted on your exposed aggregate. Cleaning it will prevent mold and mildew from getting into the pores. and sealing it, will further reduce the chances of the concrete turning black, looking dingy etc.

Most importantly, Sealing minimizes water penetration into the concrete, between the stones, getting between the aggregate/stones and causing them to become loose.


The end result will be loose aggregate/stone all over the place and in the pool. This creates a nightmare for the homeowner in many ways and is very embarrassing. Take action and clean, seal and protect your exposed aggregate. Contact us by email or call us (888) 783-7192 for a free estimate!

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